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Whether you want to race, ride or just be a part of the action we invite you to join the Cycling Australia team.

Please browse through our our membership categories below to find the best one for you, find a club to join and then follow the links to join online. If you're already a member please recheck your category before you renew online. 

Cycling Australia offers three membership categories to suit serious racers, recreational riders, officials, volunteers and those who just want to support the sport of cycling.


A Recreational licence is a great way to get started. It allows you to participate in recreational rides, charity and fun rides, club training, coffee crew rides, Gran Fondo and Cyclo Sportif events, club run skills development events. You can enjoy a range of cycling activities and improve your skills and fitness. It's the perfect membership if you ride your bike for recreation but is also a good launch pad if you want to progress to racing in the future. Recreational Memberships are available on a quarterly basis with four renewal dates each year (31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December). Membership’s expiry is based off the time of joining and whether that is before or after the 15th day of the middle month between quarterly expiries.

There are four categories of Recreational membership:

•   Adult - Aged 19 to 64 for the period of membership

•   Junior - Aged 13 - 18 for the period of membership

•   Seniors - Aged 65 and over for the period of membership

•   KIDZ - A KIDZ licence is an inexpensive introduction to the club environment for children aged 12 and under (primary age groups). The focus is on skills development through modified cycling activities so KIDZ can try out the sport and decide if they want to move on to racing.



The Gold Race licence holder can participate in races conducted by Cycling Australia and its affiliated states and clubs (event entry fees may be payable). Gold Race licences are age restricted from under 9 to Masters 65+. Check the 2014 Age Category table to confirm which licence is right for you. These licences are renewable annually and cover the calendar year (1 January to 31 December) in line with the International Cycling Union's (UCI) requirements. However licences purchased after 1 October are valid until December 31 of the following year.



If you are aged 30 and above you are eligible to choose between two membership types:


1. Elite  - Elite Memberships allow:

•   Elite Race licence holders of Masters age may contest both the Cycling Australia National Championships and the Cycling Australia Masters National Championships.

•   Elite Race licence holders can also compete in Open events such as:

•   Subaru National Road Series

•   State Championships

•   Cycling Australia National Championships

•    Club Racing

•    Entry into Cycling Australia Major Events (grade depending)

•    Entry into Silver Recreational Events


2. Masters  - Masters Memberships allow:


•   Entry into all Masters Category events including Cycling Australia Masters National Championships.

•   Club racing

•   Entry in Cycling Australia Recreational Calendar events

•   Entry into Silver Recreational Events


If you hold a Race – Masters Membership and wish to participate in OPEN events you will need to upgrade your membership to do so. Contact Cycling Australia’s Membership Team to assist you.



Members of Cycling Australia who want to participate in an International Cycling Union (UCI) class event overseas must purchase an International Licence.  If the UCI event is held in domestically (Australia) and you would like to accumulate UCI points you will need to purchase an International Licence to do so even if you already hold a Race Membership. An International Licence is only available to members who have a valid Race Membership with Cycling Australia. Applications must be submitted to Cycling Australia at least one month prior to the date of departure from Australia or the first event the licence is required for (whichever is earlier). Late applications will attract an additional processing fee.



Family membership is available for families to either Race or for Recreation. A family is determined by:


•   2 adults (elite/masters) & 2 juniors (Junior Under 19 and below) or
•   1 adult (elite/masters) & 3 juniors (Junior Under 19 and below)

Members must have the same address and in the same category (i.e. 4 x race or 4 x recreation) Applications for Family Membership can only be made at the club.



Para-cycling membership is available to those who have a classifiable disability under the guidelines of the IPC.  To compete in a CA sanctioned event a member must undergo classification by a qualified assessor. Classification is an assessment process that groups athletes into classes to provide a fair competition. We also recommend Para-cyclists introduce themselves to a club official prior to racing - especially if it's their first competition. The same discounted membership with Cycling Australia is available to people with a disability that falls outside of the Para-cycling Pathway (i.e. people who are hearing impaired or have an intellectual disability). Please note that support through the Para-cycling High Performance Program is not available due to these disability types not being included under the Paralympic Pathway. To find out about programs and support for athletes who have other forms of disability please contact the Cycling Australia Sport Development Department. For more information about inclusive club practices for members with a disability or the classification process contact us.



Non-Riding membership is designed to recognise the contribution of the coaches, officials and administrators who work in the sport. It provides non-competitive membership for a minimal charge and includes professional indemnity insurance cover plus a host of other benefits. This membership is renewable annually and covers the calendar year (1 January to 31 December) in line with the International Cycling Union's (UCI) requirements. However licences purchased after 1 October are valid until December 31 of the following year. 

Please Note - Members seeking personal accident insurance cover whilst on the bike should purchase a Recreational membership.



A First Aid qualification is mandatory for all Cycling Australia accredited coaches at all levels, across all disciplines. Please ensure you provide a valid First Aid certificate after the application form membership has been completed to Please note, if a 'Working with Children' clearance is required for your accreditation please ensure you provide a copy of this after the application form membership has been completed to (the form of which will vary from state to state). Please contact Cycling Australia if have any further questions.